Music At Work

Listening To Music While Working

Listening To Music While Working

Some people have intently debated the idea of whether or not music increases productivity while working. Some teachers have even tried to integrate music into the classroom. It’s a controversial topic as you can imagine, as the majority of people probably consider it to be distracting in an environment where focus needs to be created. Also, there are factors that would be hard to sort out such as taste in music, or what kind of music is appropriate for a specific environment.

Music In A Creative Work Environment

We can’t attest to any scientific perspective of whether listening to music while working is a negative or a positive for the general population, we just know that we love music, so for us… it’s a positive.

The Benefits Of Listening To Music While Working

  • Creative Stimulation – We work in an environment that calls for creativity to be stimulated, so we feel that listening to music benefits our process. Music puts us in “inspiration mode”, and we find it helps us develop ideas.
  • Stress Relief – Web development and SEO work requires a lot of problem solving, and can be incredibly technical and stressful. We find that music takes the edge off of stress and helps us to relax while we work.
  • Focus – Working at a computer for 10, 12, even 14 hours a day can be incredibly mind-numbing. Music breaks up that monotony for us, and our minds wander less.
  • Living Life – Life is short. If you don’t enjoy what you do and do what you enjoy, things like “productivity” and “work efficiency” don’t really amount to much in the big picture of things. We make a point to enjoy our day, and music is part of that enjoyment.
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